Хостел "Радужный" Харьков 2012


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(067) 574 55 60

Welcome to the official site of the largest hostel in Kharkov.

     The “Raduzhniy” hostel is a new bright hostel in Kharkov. It is interesting to note that our prices are the lowest among Kharkov hostels.

  • All inclusive: cleanliness, security, adjusted mode of staying.
  • Our standard: Rooms which accommodate 4 persons, one room for 10 persons and several double rooms.
  • It will take you 15-20 minutes to get by public transport from downtown or the railway station to our hostel.
  • 300 metres is the distance from the “Raduzhniy” hostel to the shuttle bus stop and the minimarket.
  •  A complete set of documents concerning one’s staying in the hostel is given out.

Reservation is free of charge. Why should you pay more at hostels?

Why should you look for a cheap apartment of dubious quality?

What should you rent a room by the day for if there exists the “Raduzhniy” hostel in Kharkov?

     There are amazingly few hostels and low-cost hotels in Kharkov. Visitors of other cities of Ukraine have already got accustomed that one may stay cheap at a hostel and not suffer through the lack of hospitality and cleanliness. You may meet new interesting friends there, have a lot of common living space implemented in a stylish manner and a cosy nook of your own. If they are short of money many people think that it is possible to rent a cheap room by the day. It isn’t easy to realize it without problems in Kharkov because of either a shrew landlady or noisy neighbours. Besides, sometimes taps and pipes are leaky.
     Settling at a hostel solves many problems: any hostel functions according to the unified standards and regulations defending the interests of the visitor. Besides, the hostel staff is always ready to help. Moreover, settling at a hostel permits to avoid the paid services of agents if you want to rent a room in Kharkov.
     Up to the present time existing hostels in Kharkov have been able to settle only groups numbering no more than 25 persons. The “Raduzhniy” hostel opens new opportunities in Kharkov. We are ready to settle at the minimum twice as many visitors as any other hostel in Kharkov and namely up to 54 persons. Now the staying of any large group is not a problem.
     What’s the price for a hostel in Kharkov? Many hostels in Kharkov offer the prices ranging from 140 hrn. per one person a day. For staying in a hostel it is not really cheap. The “Raduzhniy” hostel offers the lowest price in Kharkov – 120 hrn. So, if you are interested in the problem of a hostel price in Kharkov you may plan with confidence that it will be really cheap.
Low-cost hotels of Kharkov disappoint their visitors because of the repairs made many years ago. As a rule Kharkov hotels are cheap when their furniture and equipment are obsolete. The price for a standard room in a hotel of the corresponding level is in the range of 500-700 hryvnias. However settling at the “Raduzhniy” hostel in Kharkov gives a compromise solution, allowing to combine such criteria as freshness of an interior and reasonable price for accommodation in Kharkov.
     Hostels of Kharkov in the nearest future will take a decent place among daily accommodations of the Ukrainian and foreign tourists as it is in the other countries and cities of Ukraine. Now you can become the first happy visitors of a new format to Kharkov under the name “hostel”.
If you have decided to rent a room in Kharkov on per day basis, to rent a room without agents, if you search for inexpensive hotels in Kharkov, if the price for accommodation per day is important – welcome to the Raduzhniy Hostel.

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