Хостел "Радужный" Харьков 2012


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Hostel Rules

     Dear gests!

     The rules given below guarantee your comfortable staying at the hostel. The management reserves the right to expel anyone who has violated the hostel rules.

1.    It is prohibited to take alcoholic drinks.
2.    It is strictly prohibited to take narcotics.
3.    Smoking on the hostel grounds is strictly prohibited.
4.    Don’t use obscene words.
5.    Keep low noise level.
6.    Don’t violate other people’s rights and freedoms.
7.    Don’t bring toxic, having strong odour, inflammable and other hazardous items and liquids.
8.    Keeping cold weapons and fire arms items is strictly prohibited.
9.     Guests under the influence of alcohol are not allowed on the hostel grounds.
10.    Animals are not allowed in the hostel

     Our guests should take into account the following hostel regulations:

1.    Throw rubbish into the special containers.
2.    Wash dishes after using them.
3.    Don’t leave dishes in the rooms.
4.    Don’t eat in bed.
5.    Switch off the light after 11 p.m. (if not arranged with your roommates).
6.    Switch off all electrical appliances and water when they are not required.
7.    Keep your rooms neat and tidy.
8.    Clear up all problems politely.
9.    Make reasonable compromises for mutual convenient conditions of life.

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