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Raduzhnuj Hostel and SK '' Lokomotiv''

After reconstruction SC Locomotive many interesting and important sporting events were held within its walls. The most inexpensive and certainly a very decent way to live near the complex - to be a guest of the new hostel Rainbow Street Railway, 2.


SC Lokomotiv holds competitions in swimming, volleyball or soccer. For such events usually come to Kharkov enough people. As athletes and spectators. Competitions are pretty big, and it can be fun even for people who are not involved in sports. So even if you're just a fan, you can still attend this event.


When you come to Kharkov to enjoy the competition and to support those whom are sick, you need somewhere to stay. You would be pleased to have a new hostel Rainbow. Taxi will take you to this hostel from SC Locomotive in 7 minutes. Hostel - a low-cost accommodation with shared bedroom in just 60 hryvnia per day per person. The hostel is close to the train station. You could also settle a large group of up to 54 people. Your comfort zazhischayut rules that each guest must comply with, and the staff are welcoming. The hostel beautiful, newly renovated, and you will be happy to live here. Arriving in Kharkov and staying in a hostel rainbow, you get a lot of bright, positive emotions of a long-awaited trip to the tournament.


Sports club Lokomotiv came into existence in 1936 and since then has trained about 40 masters of sports of international level that are involved in almost every Olympics. To date, the UK has a locomotive in Kupyansk sporting facilities and a sports complex in Kharkov. Earlier in the sports complex staged festive shows and entertainment. Now based Locomotive is the learning process for the following sports: synchronized swimming, weightlifting, volleyball and indoor soccer. Also worked as a sports section in swimming, aerobics, gymnastics and aikido. In the summer of 2009 in sports Lokomotiv all buildings have been renovated sports facilities. Come to the sports complex can not only competition but also to improve their health, enrolling in swimming or any other sports section. You can come here with children, for them in sports too, there Locomotive section on taste, whether it be swimming or wrestling.

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