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If you like puzzles, mysteries, legends, and stories, and you are attracted to the mystical side of reality, then this offer is for you. Buy your tickets and come to Kharkov. To save money can rent a place in a hostel for the weekend. After a cozy affordable hostel - just what you need. And if you have multiple people, you can rent a room for the company by the day, it will be very convenient and advantageous prices for hostel in Kharkov can be found at kharkov-hostels.com.ua.

You will find the secret side of Kharkov. Here, as in any other city, there is a mysterious place. Of course, all magical and mystical to be taken with a certain degree of irony, but believe me, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

First in a chain of mysterious places should visit Sarzhin Yar. This is a huge ravine, at the bottom is deep under layers of soil and rock is the fault of the lithosphere (well, at least they say). So here you can feel the vibration and unexplained even hallucinations. Thus, many saw Sarzhinom Yar strange vague shadows, ghosts.

In the center is the Youth Park and is also experiencing the phenomena of ghosts and vague shadows roam there almost every day. Because the park was built on the site of the old graveyard. And have fun in a place like this I do not like, you know who.

The same phenomenon can be seen on Bald Mountain, which also has a cemetery. And here we see the strange stop the engine, turn off the alarm, in cars, hear the sudden vague location, wandering noise or gentle singing. Considered to be among the people that the Bald Mountain - the place of a coven.

_GoBack Another place unfavorable in terms of energy flows, is the Annunciation Cathedral. Yes, it would seem, the holy place is not a good reputation, and all because of the fact that this place was formerly a pagan cemetery, where a rift tectonic plates, as is the former location of the dislocation and the former Gypsy camp "a place of execution." So three times the lightning into the main cathedral of the cross twice the cross takes off, and once - bent by the wind. Several years ago, the dome was damaged by fire.

And that's not all the mysterious and enigmatic places in Kharkov. Come and get to know others. And most importantly, all they have to visit and feel their energy.

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