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Rooms for rent for a group of athletes

World of Sports - the world competition. Pleasant way, doing things you love, to visit many cities and countries, to travel. If you are a coach, you always visits of competition before the settlement of the question. Previously had to be content with bare dorm room or cheap hotels. Now, for the same money you can rent a room in a hostel for a group of online kharkov-hostels.com.ua. Hostel - a low-cost, youth mini-hotel in Kharkov and other cities around the world.

Are cozy, clean and warm rooms for 2-6 people, and if necessary, there is also a 12. The hostel has a shower, a kitchen with all appliances and a lounge where you can relax, watch TV, talk, sit on the internet and even hold a meeting to set up their athletes to win. And the documents you process, as in any ordinary hotel, and you will not have problems with the management of the club or federation.

And after the event and celebration of your winners can go admire Kharkov. But if you're not here for the first time and you want something new, you can tickle your nerves and get an extra dose of adrenaline, going to Kharkov underground.

There are companies that organize perfectly safe, but intriguing tour "on the other side of Kharkov." You are accompanied by professional diggers, they are people who study the underground cities, walk first to the historical places of ground Kharkov, receive comprehensive and attractive information about Kharkov underground, and then go down into the underground city of mazes themselves. And you do not need any special clothing, give you everything you need diggers.

If you take place to clean budget hostel for a week, then also you will be able to take an unforgettable journey through the underground river (in the diving suit, of course). This river many years ago was a common ground river, but someone interrupted, and it redirected to an underground stream. The river continues to live my life and it can even go fishing.

Having stayed at the hostel for a few more days, you will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities, something like a quest game, which diggers to suit beginners, teaching them the way underground orientation.

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