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Where to stay in Kharkov group

In the market of the hotel business in Ukraine is gaining more and more popularity system hostels. Hostel - in English the hostel, but luckily they do not have anything in common. Rather, it is an economy class hotel, with facilities in the room (rarely) in the unit or on the floor. The rooms are designed for a few people, so take a room in a hostel for the group - a very convenient and efficient daily housing option in Kharkov. Book a place in a hostel on the site of Kharkiv kharkov-hostels.com.ua

Hostels also have different levels of comfort. If the prestige hotel we judge by the number of stars, Christmas trees are assigned to hostels. In the most prestigious of hostels in the arsenal of four trees. This means that they have a dining room, where breakfast is included in the room and have free internet. Rooms in good hostels are designed for 2-6 people, you are given a laundry, in-room or on the floor of a shower, there is often a storage room, in each room must be tap water. In these hostels is the so-called household room, where you can find the iron and ironing board, and sometimes even washing machines. Somewhere in there is a bar-cafe. Service is available 24 hours a day. They work all year.
If the hostel three tree, cheap rooms for rent here and more designed for 8 people, but they should always be water, a shower should be at least on the floor. Here, too, are fed breakfast, which is included in the price. But the service is not non-stop, even though the doors are open until late at night. Household room is also available, but there is no bar or cafe. All over the world, this is the best option, because there are convenience, and the café and for the area to find, and not come early, too hard. In dvuhelochnom hostel room of 8 people, with shared facilities, everything shuts down for the night. Are quite cheap and so are also quite popular. One Tree means - room for 10 or more people. The rest depends on the capabilities of the hosts and the room. There are hostels that have in the arsenal of a star with a birdie. This is the real barracks for 30 beds, but they work only on demand. For example, during the rock festivals, football championships, etc.

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