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Hostel in Kharkiv

Tourism has been one of the favorite activities of the active and not so young fans of new and interesting. Tourism - is not only expensive tours, hotels, where everything is included, sea, ocean, beach. This state of mind, which is in search of. In search of new places, countries and people. Those who are on tourist trips around important people, communication, dating to stay in other cities chosen hostel. Remove the space in the hostel - it means the night comfortably among nice people. Place or a room in a cheap hostel or hostel - a place for communication, cognition, and, of course, fun. If you are the one who has a backpack on his shoulders, not glamorous suitcase on wheels - go to the website kharkov-hostels.com.ua

Speaking of backpacks. This is a type of equipment, which now has many different forms, made of different materials and becoming more comfortable. But mostly remains - the ability to properly fold a backpack. If you take place in a good cheap hostel, you will always find someone who will teach you the art of proper packing a backpack.

For a start, your backpack should have wide shoulder straps and soft, not to rub shoulders. Will be just fine if it would be an additional attachment straps on his stomach to move the load on the spine at the lower back.

The main thing when laying backpack - the right to distribute the load. The center of gravity must be located as close to the spine, somewhere between the shoulder blades and shoulders. Must be balanced with the left and right sides of the backpack, so the load on the shoulders will be the same and will not cause pain in the shoulder, waist, back. At the bottom should be easy to put things that are not needed on the road. Then comes the bay heavy things, try to put them as close to the spine. Along the back better distribute soft things that do not put pressure on your back, if you have a backpack with a padded backrest. Even in such a small backpack is better to make the roller of soft things in the back, it will rest against the back and unload the shoulders. But not for modern backpacks with rigid rear wall. Lay on top of what is needed in the first place, but it should be not heavy stuff.

Backpack should be packed very tightly in the blank corners shove socks and other small items. As a result, you should have a narrow, flat and long backpack, which will be convenient to travel anywhere.


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