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A room or a place in a hostel Kharkov

Before leaving on a trip, always hear from close requests result in something as a souvenir. And I want to buy yourself something special, that nowhere, in a place not for sale. Arriving in another city or country, you need to rent a room in a hostel for a few days to get acquainted with a couple of avid travelers or local residents and get their detailed information about suitable souvenirs. Hostels - a place where you can rent a room in a clean hostel, but not in our understanding of students' dorm. "

Place in a cheap hostel for rent - a place in the room for a few people in the mini-hotel with all the amenities kharkov-hostels.com.ua. Hostels so good that this place is not only for living, but also for communication. Only here you can get real information from experienced travelers.

So, tourists from Spain with the money being taken Galician lace and colorful blankets from Cadiz, Toledo silver, cultured pearls from Majorca, for a less wasteful suit fans and castanets. Also, tourists often come from Spain olive oil, wine and the famous macaroons.

From the Dominican Republic to bring better Larimar - a beautiful semi-precious stone that is found only in this country. Also classic souvenirs are Dominican cigars, coffee (it is divine) and rum.

Bottles with color "sand Sahara", and a local alcoholic drink "Buch" - typical souvenirs Tunisia. And bowls of colored glass and patterned ceramic dish. And, of course, dates!

The most popular souvenir from Turkey is a flat blue eyes - a stone "the evil eye", here you can find it at every step. You can also bring Turkish coffee, hookah, copper products and ceramics.

Egypt is famous souvenir sheets of papyrus and ornaments, amulets in the form of scarabs. Perfect and set or a bottle of fragrant oils, metal hanging lanterns with inlays of colored glass and plaster products.

And from India is to bring Indian tea, cloth beautiful fabrics, ornaments, figurines of sandalwood or rosewood.

Here are tips here. Surprise your loved ones!


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