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Hostel - a place where to stay in Odessa for a few days is not only comfortable, but also fun, exciting, and you will remember for a long time. After take off the place in a clean inexpensive hostel is not just to get maximum comfort at an affordable price, but also to meet interesting people, make new friends, learn a lot of interesting things. Place or a room in a hostel in Kharkov - kharkov-hostels.com.ua - comfort, cleanliness, comfortable sanitary areas, separate lockable cabinets, lockers, home appliances, and even cheerful gatherings in the cozy common room, sharing a pleasant stay for guests hostel. After a busy day as well spend the evening in the pleasant company of young and not very cheerful and sociable people, after removing the room in the best hostel in Kharkov, you get free chat. And to make it even more interesting, you can arrange the whole tea ceremony. If you do not know how, we will tell. 

In today's culture there are several tea traditions. But today we offer to arrange a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. This is where people sometimes jokingly referred to as "legislators teaspoon of fashion." Kung Fu Cha - so the art of tea and the ceremony in Chinese. You will need a tea pair - two cups each, and two pot for everyone. One of the cups is high and narrow, for the perception of flavor, the other - low and wide - from her tea drinking. Water - the best of the source or bottled, but in any case not from the tap, chlorine kills tea. And, of course, the tea of ​​your choice. The ceremony begins with an introduction to tea. Dry tea leaves to sniff and enjoy their fragrance. Utensils for the tea ceremony, preheat. Convenient and pour tea, and a cup of hot water from a thermos. In the heated pour tea kettle and fill it with boiling water. Now kettle shake nine times to awaken tea. Nine - a figure, which is all the energy Yang. Three breaths, exhaling three - and the tea is ready. That's how long does it take to make tea. When the kettle is full, drink brewed instantly. Then pour the tea in a special vessel for tea, like a small jar - Chahal (you can use another teapot without a lid), mix and enrich the oxygen and begin to pour into cups. Pouring, Chahal decided to hold high, charging tea energy. First poured into a high cup, and of them - are low. In this case, lower the cup cover with a high, and then took two cups, they should be quickly and smoothly turn, overflow, so the tea. This process symbolizes the unity of Yin and Yang. Then, take out, twisting in a clockwise direction (!), High cup and taste the flavor of the tea from it. Now you can drink tea. Tea to fully taste the need to hold the language, and then take a sip.


Enjoy your tea!

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