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Visiting the match and maybe more for your favorite team, the next morning you can wander around the city and admire the monuments .... soccer balls.

One of them is a well-known monument to the ball on the Walk of Fame in sports Shevchenko garden, it is set in a place where usually gathered and collected Kharkiv football fans. The opening was attended by the former head coach of the Ukrainian national team, O. Blokhin, he was the first on the ball has left his autograph.
Bronze ball weighing two tons and a half meters in diameter - a gift of FC "Metalist" town and football fans - is on a pedestal of black granite and spot lights. The place where the monument since the Soviet era was the so-called sports area of ​​Kharkiv. There were showcases the latest issue of "Soviet Sport", and it was possible to talk, discuss sports news and more. Then the place has lost its significance and was revived only in the early 2000s. To popularize the image of the team leadership of FC "Metalist" together with the tobacco factory "Philip Morris Ukraine" reconstructed site. The final point was that same ball.
A. Blokhin after many tourists and Kharkiv monument adorned their autographs. Wash them periodically, but they appear again.
The second ball is on Gagarin Avenue, on the corner with the street. Derzhavin. It was installed in 2008 in preparation for Euro 2012. Produced a huge ball of yellow double pipe welded metal frame and set on a pedestal. Monument - it outlines the ball, which creates an effect as though the flying ball. Under the pedestal - green grass football field.
Another goal could be seen this summer at the intersection Krasnoshkolnaya waterfront and Gagarin Ave. This is a huge bed of 10 million colors in the form of the soccer ball.
These are the things prepared football town and FC "Metalist" to all fans of this popular game in the world.

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