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Rent near the university

Part-time students to be easy. Several times a year, had to leave his home and carried to where the raging elements session. If you want to stay for the session with the comfort and cost, we offer a place in a hostel for rent. Hostel - is a kind of hostel for students daily or rather small budget hotel, where one can rent a room by the day and the hour or just a place in the room for a few people. Stop here and leisure travelers, students and travelers, in general, those who want a decent accommodation at a low price. Place in a good hostel Kharkov - kharkov-hostels.com.ua - it's cozy rooms, clean sanitary areas, kitchen with all necessary appliances and cheerful cheerful people.

Students - this is a special people, a particular caste of our society. They have their own lives, their problems, traditions, signs and rituals, most of which, of course, related to the session.

Everybody knows about the most common ritual under the popular name of "Freebie flies" or "caught a Freebie!". Great Freebies to come, to reveal the record book, put it in the window and shouted with all his might: "Freebies, freebies, caught a!" Then quickly close the record book and no it does not show up to the end of the session. And the stronger the scream, the more likely that the freebie did come.

And every good student must know and observe the signs!)))

So, going to the exam, the shoes under the heel to put a nickle. A night before the exam should hide under the pillow sheets numbered tickets. In the morning, eyes closed, you need to pull out one piece. What's the number caught, the ticket must urgently learn and easy to stomp on the exam.

Good luck leaving the house, it is best to turn all the chairs and stools upside down, do not forget to take the talisman, and always keep it in my hand.

To high school should get the "happy path" - well, walked once and was lucky that way. So again, you have to go this way.

In transport, it is necessary to pay for the ride, even if there is no conductor, stamp to the driver.

This is just the beginning, here are the signs that are in principle even more absurd, but .... session.

On all exams should go to one and the same clothes without washing. But if you got a bad grade, we need to change, then it is unfortunate. You can not wash your hair before the exam, or you may forget what he knew. And you can not fill the bed, and before going to eat a piece of rye bread, and more before the exam did not drink or eat.

These are the signs here. Believe it or not, everyone's business. But we hope that you smile!

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