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Place in a hostel in Kharkov

Winter is not a very pleasant time of year to travel and tourism. And if you think that winter in Kharkov in general have nothing to do, then you are sadly mistaken. Come to Kharkiv go HB skiing or snowboarding. Do not know where to stay, visit kharkov-hostels.com.ua. There is a hostel for rent in Kharkov. Hostel - where people can Areg is room for a few people, where you can rent a place in a hostel is very inexpensive. Coming by, you can rent a room in a hostel for rent in full. Although hostels and dormitories are considered, but it is a small hotel in Kharkov so-called economy class. Housing for rent and accommodation in Kharkov the hour - a convenient and comfortable hostel.

With housing understood, and now some quick instructions to where it is possible to ski. Near Kharkov has four decent place. The most popular is Kharkov Switzerland. The official name of this place "Extreme style". The small ski resort with slopes up to 400 meters. There are different routes to the complexity, both for beginners and for experienced skiers and snowboarders. Two rope tows and music will make upgrades as easy as descents. There is also a children's slope with special instructors. By the way, if you really never stood on skis, you can also use the services of instructors. All equipment can be rented. The complex has a large cafe in Ukrainian style as Carpathian kalyby. You can drive from the metro station "Gosprom" bus number 296 (stop children's camp "FEDovets") and the metro station "Pushkinskaya" bus № 223e (stop children's camp "FEDovets").

At 15 kilometers from the village of Kharkiv Borovaya Zmiev district is Alpine Valley ski resort. He is the only one where there is a system of snowmaking slopes. It features 2 tracks of 400 meters vertical drop of 65 meters, width of 20-40 meters, and clean country air and not a lot of people, as in the previous complex. If you strongly want, you can arrange and night skiing, as the rout lit day and night.

These two complexes are popular among the Sami of Kharkov and area residents. There are still a country sports and entertainment complex "Anger" and ski "temp" - ski center of Olympic training.

You have a great time skiing!

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