Хостел "Радужный" Харьков 2012


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Coming, but rather for you to leave the new city, I want to bring something as a souvenir of family, friends, and a souvenir. Each city has its own characteristics, are unique to his gifts. So, from all of Kiev brought the famous "Kiev cake" and candy "Evening Kiev" from Lviv: embroidery and a symbol of the city - a figure of a lion, and what to bring from Kharkov. The issue was complicated.
First come to mind are the most banal souvenirs: magnets featuring mirrored jet emblem of Kharkov - the horn of plenty, and the types of Kharkov, the cup with the same characters, cards and calendars.
_GoBack After some hesitation came to mind, "Delice". If anyone does not know, "Delis" - a chocolate wafer cake, which before the revolution were manufactured and sold in the cafe of the same name. This cake at the time and for many years made exclusively in Kharkiv Kharkiv current confectionery "Biscuit" and was called "Delis" (by the way in French, it means "delicious"). After time has any chocolate waffle cake was called Delisi. It is now possible to buy Delis as chocolate wafer bars. As well as the factory produces gift box with elaborately decorated cake. On the box there is the symbolism of Kharkiv. So this will be a nice souvenir for a delicious family and friends.
More recently, Kharkiv became proud of their football team and a super-stadium "Metalist". Therefore it is possible to get to this very stadium, go to a specialty store and buy various veshchichek from pens to scarves, hats and T-shirts with symbols of the club and the city. Also a great souvenir. And kept long.

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