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Travel - an enjoyable time. Learn new, unknown, gaining experience, meet new people. But travel is not only pleasant, but also troublesome. You have to buy tickets, arrange their own accommodation for rent in Kharkov and other cities, to gather in the way, etc. If you have decided to find a place in a cheap hostel in Kharkov, then log on to kharkov-hostels.com.ua It offers cozy clean rooms in a mini-budget class hotel, where you can rent a place in a hostel or rent a room in a hostel in full if you have a few people. Same way as housing for rent in Kharkov - a problem that you have already decided. To solve the rest, we offer some advice. But not easy. Rather harmful. So read, smile and do the opposite!


Better to buy tickets with it - so you'll save time and avoid problems.


Better to take a trip to the most expensive and beautiful bags or bags all around once it becomes clear that they are dealing with a wealthy man. Respect is guaranteed.
Take with more cash and put them all in one pocket, and the best in the carrying case, so they will be in my eyes and always at hand.
Dress nicely, even elegant. Well suited expensive trousers and coats for men, coats and short skirts - for women.
Fold in tickets, money and documents in one purse or handbag. So they are always at hand and, if lost, then all at once.
On the platform waiting for the train, or at the airport before check-arrange all your bags in a long row and turn away. After all, people are honest and good, and someone will look for your luggage.
Immediately get to know fellow travelers, tell them where you live, work, how much you earn and the more sick. You have no secrets from others.
All bags with valuables lay on the upper shelves, and paying for tea or a bed to get money out of a stuffed purse money and documents, no need to waste time and delay their advance.
Clothes and shoes in a compartment set and hang right next door, let everyone see your beautiful coat and a fur coat.
At many stops, open the compartment and go outside, let ventilate the compartment, and one that does not proskvozilo, should go to all.
Buy on the platform, all you like, especially smoked fish and then eat, why wait for the arrival.
You can also exchange money directly in the train at the station enter the special people with a very good rate. You do not want to lose.
Arriving at your destination, just grab all your stuff and run out of the car. Do not waste your time to check, there is not any thing on shelves or under the table.
Here are tips here! They have fun?

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